Nice Guys EP

by Twin Pines

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Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith My friend Lewie said he heard 'early Get-Up Kids vibes' in the first track and I'm inclined to agree - this is an awesome ep. Favorite track: So Long, Brother.
Dan Jordan
Dan Jordan thumbnail
Dan Jordan Awesome catchy rock. Love it. Favorite track: Call It Idk.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith thumbnail
Jason Smith I get a definite late 90s/early 2000s Vagrant Records vibe from this. That's a good thing. The whole EP is solid, but "Current and California" is on another level... one of the best songs I've heard in a while. Favorite track: Current and California.
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released May 24, 2014

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered By Justin Nazario in his basement and bedroom.

Twin Pines is
Alex Lindquist-Drums/Vox
Greg Benedict-Guitar/vox
Justin Nazario-Guitar/vox
Joe Sawa-Bass



all rights reserved


Twin Pines Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chipotle, Hot dogs, and Rock'n'Roll.

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Track Name: Shitkicker
I don't wanna hear another word cause it stabs so softly and i just wanna cover up the burn.
I had it all but my mind keeps running away from me, too far for me to see.
Im far away from healing and I'm playing dead with my feelings, you make me miserable, can't you see so just let me be.
I don't wanna hear another word cause it stabs so softly and i just wanna cover up the burn.
Choking up like theres hands around my throat, I heard your voice but I'm miles away from home, you told me things that i don't wanna know.
I wanna hear you're breathing. I wanna hear that you're feeling safe at home. Don't wanna hear your feelings. You told me things that I don't wanna know.
I don't wanna hear another word cause it stabs so softly and i just wanna cover up the burn.
Deep inside your soul, you're someone i used to know. I got a lot to say but I'm not gonna let it show. You're a broken ship thats sinking, remember when you used to float? You're a heart thats barely beating cause you're so fucking broke.
Another day, nothings changed, you're not the friend you used to be. You're a broken soul, won't let it go, i'll see you further down the road.
Listen close can you hear me breathing? I'm not gonna let you choke.
Feel the pain can you hear me breathing? No i won't let you go.
Track Name: Call It Idk
Take your time and let it be, the only thing you'll get from me is an answer with nothing but regrets, i'll take my time, i'll catch my breath.
It goes on and on the same routine, its killing me, I need some time to speak.
You don't know about the things I fucking think while you waste your breath away from asking me.
Don't ask me, don't ask me
I swear I'm doing fine don't think I'm crazy.
Don't waste you're time from over thinking.
I think against my heart again. The sun shines directly down, it burns my skin. Its getting colder but these feelings haven't died. Don't you know I think about you half the time? The fear of this thought gets me all worked up can you feel the pain? Cause it breaks my fucking lungs apart. I know you should have known, these feelings i can't control, that i will die alone.
Don't ask me, Don't ask me.
Don't waste your time from over thinking.
You fucking swore you wouldn't change things.
Track Name: Old Friends
I can't be here once again. You know it makes me feel insane. When I talk I make no sense to you.
So I'll take back the things I said. I'll never be your friend again. I'll break the things you left inside my head.
Don't take these words and turn them around. You buried my hope into the ground. You left me breathless hear the sound. You turned my smile upside down.
Track Name: So Long, Brother
I'm waking up lonely, you used to show me, theres better things than dreading or hating life. I know its not easy but please don't leave me. If only you could talk but i could see in your eyes. I knew it was the last time I said you'd be alright, I gave you one last hug and helped you get in the car. Now its all over and now I can't be sober, just thinking of life and how its so fucking real.
Oh its not that easy but I'll get past it anyway.
If only you could talk to me. So sorry, I'm sorry I wish it could be me.
Now I'm feeling lonely.
If only you could talk to me.
Now I'm feeling lonely, theres no one to show me the better things in everything I wish you were alive.
Its so unexpected, no you weren't neglected. I hope you know you showed me all the good things in life.
You know its hard for me, hard for me to believe you're not here with me but your hairs still right here on my clothes.
I still like to think I'd see you again when i wake up from this dream.
Its just a dream, its just a dream, I hope i wake up again and see you next to me.
You're not here with me, You're not here with me...But your hairs still on my clothes.
But your hairs still on my clothes.